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What to Expect

Things have changed a little since Covid entered the world, but we are still a community of people maturing in their faith in Jesus. It is that simple. We have different backgrounds. We have different stories. We are people of different economic status, social status, and race. We have different testimonies of how Jesus changed our lives. Some are here just getting to know Him. Typically, we see about 20 people that we love every Sunday. We are young, we are old. We are everything in between, and that number grows a little more each month as we continue to rely on God and follow Jesus faithfully.


When you visit...

Expect a renovated gymnastics facility...not a cathedral. Expect to feel welcomed...not overwhelmed. Expect your thirst to be quenched...not by the coffee. Expect blue jeans...not black ties. Expect to be loved...not smothered. Expect your children to want to come back...and not because we bribe them. Expect to sing, sing, sing...not that you can help it. Expect a Bible-based,       life-applicable sermon...not to be "preached at." Expect to share a joy or a's family time for us. fit right in.

Our service is contemporary and casual. We sing new praise choruses and cherish your favorite old school hymns. We have fun worshiping God, while remaining mindful that He is holy. Join us this Sunday at 10:30am. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Doors open at 10am for a time of fellowship, coffee and light breakfast snacks!

FYI: We usually finish around noon so there's always a possibility you might get invited to lunch after the service.

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